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Professional Photo Restoration The Way You Want It

At Top Hat Photo Repair, we take your old or damaged pictures and bring them back to life.
Our simple pricing streamlines the experience and helps you quickly get your pictures back.
Simply email us your picture, and within a week we will email you back a watermarked proof of our work. Once you are satisfied with the job, you can send us payment and we will send you the full resolution fixed picture.

Pricing Structure

Minor Repair: $20
A Minor Repair includes fixing minor exposure/color correction issues, cropping, sharpening, and removing minor dust and scratches. Here is an example of a Minor Repair:
Minor Repair Example

Major Repair: $40
A Major Repair is for when there are major scratches or tears that require drawing back in missing details, also major color correction issues. Here is an example of a Major Repair:
Major Repair Example

Colorization: $40
Adding color to a picture. Price Increase for multiple people or more detailed pictures. Here is an example of colorization:
Colorization Example

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